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7 indisputable reasons to always outsource your ad operations

The case for always outsourcing your Ad Operations

Ad operations (otherwise known as online ad operations, ad ops, or digital ad operations) refers to the people, systems and processes designed to deliver digital advertisements. An ad ops team is responsible for running, managing and testing ad campaigns through a wide variety of digital platforms.

Over the past few years, the ad industry has seen a growing number of global brands taking their media buying in-house – such as P&G and Netflix. A recent study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) indicated that in-housing has recently trended upward, as 35% of brands surveyed had reduced the role of external agencies.

Despite common perceptions that in-housing draws fewer costs – this may not be the reality of the situation for many businesses. A fully functioning media planning, buying and trading department is not something that can be manufactured overnight.

The nuances of programmatic marketing are vast and ever-evolving. Taking your media buying in-house and not having the right people, technology and partnerships in place can soon become a costly mistake.

Still not convinced? Here are 7 indisputable reasons you should always outsource your ad ops:

  1. Improve your bottom line: In-housing is not an easy transition and can quickly incur unexpected costs. Outsourcing ensures that you’re not responsible for extra office space, training and inductions, IT infrastructure, travel allowances and legal obligations.
  2. Access best-in-market technology: The digital space is populated with complex platforms and systems that require constant training and monitoring. Your ad ops partner will know the exact platforms that will give you the best possible results.
  3. Utilise cutting-edge techniques & methodologies: The advertising industry is ever-changing and can be overwhelming to keep up with. An independent trading desk makes it their business to always stay up to date with industry trends, best practices and results-driven techniques.
  4. Optimise campaign efficiencies & measurement: Dedicated ad ops teams measure and monitor each and every campaign element to ensure best possible performance. This makes your campaigns drive better results and gives you more bang for your media buck.
  5. Save time for what matters: Taking on the responsibility of digital performance can be an unnecessary distraction. Relying on the experts for this will ensure you’re free to focus on your core business strategy.
  6. Get technical & strategic support, when you need it: With the market preparing for the “cookieless future”, data, privacy and transparency are now of the utmost importance. It’s critical to collaborate with experts who are dedicated to providing creative and compliant data solutions.
  7. Leverage industry partnerships: Most trading desks have pre-existing and long-standing relationships with publishers, giving you unique access to premium inventory and private market-place agreements.

Ad operations are one of the most critical components for building and growing a successful brand online. For many businesses, in-housing this function can be extremely problematic – as it requires a great deal of internal expertise and resourcing to get right.

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