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Ad profiler

A smarter way to get to know your market

Understand your target audience on a much deeper level by deploying a simple survey to Pureprofile's active research panel. Keep your finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment at any stage of the campaign journey. Simply ask real consumers for their point of view and get the insights you need to get ahead of the competition.

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Remove the guesswork from your
marketing strategy

Implementing Ad profiler gives you the ability to optimise your media strategy and zero in on the elements that make the biggest impact. Ad profiler core outcomes include:

Brand awareness analysis

What impact does your advertising have on consumers? Find out how well your audiences are able to recall or recognise your brand.

Pre-pitch insights

Give yourself the competitive edge when pitching to clients, by using custom consumer insights that can be gathered in hours, not days.

Optimised media spend

Uncover usage, attitudes and purchase intent before committing your entire media spend. Future-proof the success of your marketing initiatives.

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