Global Christmas report 2022

Throughout 2022, we’ve seen big changes in the way we’ve been spending our time and money. So, how will the economic climate shape the way we celebrate the festive season this year?


having coffee with mountain view

icare create 100% recycled, Australian made toilet paper. Sorting and utilising a multitude of paper products, using a sophisticated process developed over 30 years, they separate, extract and reform it. The result is a dense yet soft toilet paper that consumers love.

New deal allows Australians to make use of digital payments

Australian Digital Payments

Originally published: BeInCrypto, 18 August 2022 and Australian fintech company DataMesh announced the first scalable payments solution under a new partnership to allow everyday payments via crypto. The collaboration is set to allow digital payments for some outlet purchases in Australia without the need to convert the funds into fiat. However, notably, the securities watchdog had also […]

IAB Australian ecommerce report 2022

The Australian retail industry has undergone a rapid digital transformation in response to the economic uncertainties created by the pandemic. This report provides detailed insights into Australia’s retail & ecommerce landscape.

What’s on the list for Back to School shoppers?

School’s out for summer, the kids have kicked off those school shoes, tossed aside their books and already packed in some fun activities for the 6 weeks ahead. While millions of students take time out from the monotony of classrooms, parents are already gearing up for their return to school. The age of digital shopping […]

Let’s Talk: How inclusive marketing can help brands achieve awesome results

Originally published: Dynamic Business, 13 July 2022 Stated by: Tasneem Ali, General Manager – ANZ Media, Pure.amplify “It’s no secret that the diverse array of platforms available today – linear television, streaming platforms and social media channels – have caused audience fragmentation. This is actually to the brand’s advantage: more platforms means more specific, inclusive contexts […]

IAB Member Q&A: Commerce In 2022

How inclusive marketing can help brands achieve awesome results

Originally published: IAB Australia, 30 June 2022 Authored by: Tasneem Ali, General Manager – ANZ Media, Pure.amplify Q. What areas of digital advertising do you see as the most effective for driving consumers to purchase? Have you seen any new trends coming through in the last 12-18 months? The consumer purchasing journey is no longer a […]

Block Earner calls on Aussies to embrace the “future of finance” with new OOH campaign across Sydney

Train with The future of finance

Originally published: B&T, 18 May 2022 Blockchain-powered fintech Block Earner is taking blockchain and decentralised finance out of tech savvy circles, embracing mainstream advertising codes with an ambitious OOH campaign across Sydney, the first for the Australian start-up. The campaign is designed to increase awareness and brand recognition in an increasingly competitive space, and deliver the […]

The changing landscape of streaming services

Streaming services are projected to face drastic changes, with speculation that many will be rolling out ad-supported options for customers. Pure.amplify General Manager, Tasneem Ali states: “The research highlights the likely shift in audiences that will be seen once streaming platforms turn on advertising, and is something that all marketers should be aware of as linear and […]

Mumbrella: 9 out of 10 Aussies expect discount for ads on streaming – Pure.amplify

Ads on streaming services

Originally published: Mumbrella, 02 May 2022 New research by global data and insights company, Pureprofile Limited for it’s Pure.amplify advertising arm has revealed that 88% of Australian streaming service users would expect compensation for viewing advertising on platforms, as both Disney+ and Netflix push for future introduction of ads. On average, Australians subscribe to two different platforms […]