Retail Biz: Online shopping uptick met with increasing brand expectations

Originally published: Retail Biz, 22 September 2021 Marketers will need to shift gears into 2022 to ensure they provide satisfying omnichannel shopping experiences amid escalating consumer expectations, according to new research released by IAB Australia and Pureprofile. The Australian Ecommerce Report 2021 found that while convenience was named as the biggest driver of online shopping by 76% of […]

IAB Australian ecommerce report 2021

IAB Australian ecommerce report 2021

The Australian retail industry has undergone a rapid digital transformation in response to the economic uncertainties created by the pandemic. This report provides detailed insights into Australia’s retail & ecommerce landscape.

Mumbrella: Google’s cookie delay represents a second chance for digital advertising

Google’s cookie delay represents a second chance for digital advertising

Originally published: Mumbrella, 07 July 2021 Tasneem Ali, General Manager at Pure.amplify, explores the opportunity that exists in the third-party cookie’s stay of execution. The digital marketing community breathed a collective sigh of relief last week when Google announced that its plans to remove third-party cookies would be delayed from next year until late 2023. While […]

Stockhouse: Alfi Global Research finds Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising market to surpass $50 billion by 2026

Alfi Global Research Finds Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising Market to Surpass $50 Billion by 2026

Originally published: Stockhouse, 01 July 2021 65% of advertising executives believe market will be worth $50 billion to $55 billion by 2026 Alfi Inc, an AI enterprise SaaS platform company powering computer vision with machine learning models to allow content publishers and brand owners to deliver interactive, intelligent information without violating user privacy, today announced the […]

B&T: Pure.amplify to launch in the UK

pureamplify to launch in the uk

Originally published: B&T, 28 May 2021 Pureprofile Limited has announced that its media business, Pure.amplify, will be expanding into the UK. Headed by industry veteran Tasneem Ali, the expansion will build on the highly successful launch of Pure.amplify into the Australian market in September last year. Taking a unique in-market approach to ensuring clients are […]

How first-party data will shape the future of marketing

How first-party data will shape the future of advertising

In the past 6 months there’s been an influx of news coverage around what’s been deemed the “cookie apocalypse” and how this will impact ad targeting in the future. Our recent piece in Marketing Magazine outlines how first-party data is the key to both better targeting for advertisers, as well as better privacy and protection […]

Mumbrella: The rise of BVOD is the content trend that cannot be ignored

The rise of BVOD

Originally published: Mumbrella, 17 December 2020 The shift is here to stay, argues Pure.amplify’s general manager of media business Tasneem Ali. Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD) is enjoying spectacular growth, with Australians spending three times as many weekly minutes on BVOD compared to three years ago. BVOD is available across a range of different screens and […]


Cook Islands Tourism wanted to increase brand awareness of the Cook Islands in Australia and New Zealand and to change the perception that the Cook Islands is an adventurous destination as opposed to a resort based holiday.

Media release: Pure.amplify launches new product to help the Not-for-profit sector

SYDNEY, 11 November 2020: Pure.amplify, the digital media arm of Pureprofile (ASX: PPL), today announced the launch of Reach for NFPs, a bespoke digital media and insights offering to help the Not-for-profit sector to increase education, awareness and donations. Reach for NFPs enables organisations to use first-party data to pinpoint the right audience online, and […]

Christmas report 2020

How COVID stole Christmas

This report explores the social media consumption patterns and trends of Australians throughout 2020, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.