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B&T: Digital marketing lessons to take into 2022

Originally published: B&T, 10 December 2021

Tasneem Ali is the general manager of digital advertising agency, Pure.amplify, as well as a client solutions expert and all-round adtech aficionado. In this guest post, Ali outlines all the lessons digital marketers should take on board for the coming year…

A couple of years ago very few people knew what a QR code was or how to use them. Today, over 7.5 million people are using a QR check-in app in New South Wales alone. It’s just one of the many technologies that have seen rapid adoption since the pandemic and have now become useful for everyday purposes, such as business cards and medication prescriptions.

Along with a surge in the use of online retail, collaboration platforms, videoconferencing and streaming entertainment, there’s a multitude of areas for marketers to get to grips with. How and where we do business, socialise, shop, and enjoy leisure time have all changed. So here are some of the digital marketing lessons the Pure.amplify team feel that we can take from 2021 into 2022 …

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