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iCare create 100% recycled, Australian made toilet paper. iCare use a sophisticated process developed over 30 years to separate, extract and reform the toilet paper utilising a multitude of paper products. The result? A dense yet soft toilet paper that consumers love.


Reach the right audience and drive in-store sales

With growing consumer demand for local, ethically produced products, iCare’s core challenge was to stand out in a highly competitive category. 

To do this, Pure.amplify creates a digital strategy that targeted the perfect iCare customer – people who have a real interest in the environment and sustainability.


Create a first-party audience by leveraging Pureprofile’s research community

In order to cement iCare’s position as the best choice for soft, sustainable toilet paper, we implemented a three-phased approach:

1. Create a custom audience by surveying the Pureprofile panel

We asked consumers their exact preferences when it comes to environmentally friendly household products. This allowed us to use the
survey responses to create the perfect
seed audience.

2. Expand campaign reach with
lookalike modelling

By leveraging our in-house data and analytics system, we built a lookalike model to create a scalable campaign audience. The audiences were targeted across the digital platforms that would generate the highest impact.

3. Optimise each element to drive performance

Our expert trading team monitored each campaign element on a consistent basis. This meant that they could instantly optimise the media spend to the properties that were delivering the best results.

The results:

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