5 proven tactics for writing social media copy that sells

5 proven tactics for writing social media copy that sells

While we’re in constant contact with our screens for the majority of our day, every single digital platform is vying for our attention. With our devices perpetually pinging, it’s an enormous feat for brands to stand out amongst the noise – particularly on social channels. With social selling becoming the norm, the ability to create […]

How to implement tracking pixels with Google Tag Manager

Accurately measuring the effectiveness of digital advertising activity is fundamental to the success of any modern marketing strategy. With as many tools and methods to achieve this as there are websites, it’s little wonder that many businesses continue to struggle with finding the most efficient and accurate solution. Enter: Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM is […]

5 tricks of the trade for high performing SEM copywriting

SEM Copywriting

It’s common practice for agency and in-house marketers to view SEM copywriting as a quick and easy task, to be handed to an intern with little guidance or consideration. In order to create copy that grabs user attention and entices clicks – it takes a strategic framework, expertise and a degree of finesse. Wherever you […]