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Barnardos Australia is a leading child safety and family care organisation that has been operating since 1921. In the early months of 2020, they started a COVID-19 relief fund for families in need who have been affected by the pandemic - because all children deserve a safe and stable home.


Increase donorship. Support families.

With so many Australian families in need of support, it was important to spread awareness about the relief fund as quickly as possible. With the vast majority of Barnardos’ donors being retirement-aged, there was a critical need to appeal to younger generational groups. The core campaign objective was to shift in-market positioning - thereby driving education and awareness across wider audiences. As a secondary objective, our client sought to increase donations during tactical periods of the year.


A digital strategy built on first-party insights

By leveraging our proprietary market research arm, we were able to successfully measure uplift in key metrics - including brand awareness, purchase intent and brand advocacy. This meant that we were able to identify new, hyper-relevant audiences to target across the digital ecosystem. By focusing on the best performing cohorts, we were able to amplify Barnardos’ message among an already competitive market.


Identification and conversion

A key component of the success of this campaign included a full-funnel approach, to guide the most engaged groups towards conversion over time. Our objective was to first prospect new audiences and generate brand awareness. From there, we were able to target the most active audience groups with a strong, end-of-funnel call to action. This approach led to significant spikes in donations.

The results:

Adnan Shahzad

Senior Digital Growth Manager at Barnardos

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