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Connecting Australians: How COVID-19 transformed the way we use social media

Social media census 2020

The pandemic has brought with it countless changes to how we live. From the way we work, through to how we school our children and purchase everyday items – all areas of our lives have been affected. One of the greatest changes we’ve experienced is how we interact with one another and the impact global lockdowns have had on our social systems.

According to our recent research collaboration with L&A Social, social media has grown by 30% this year. The ‘social media census 2020’ covers everything you need to know about key behavioural shifts in social media usage as a result of the pandemic.

The census captures pre and post COVID-19 outbreak sentiment, with surveys conducted in both January and in June 2020. The findings present an enormous opportunity for brands connecting to audiences on social platforms now and into the future.

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