Dedication to brand safety

Dedication to brand safety

It’s critical for marketers to have complete confidence that their ads are displayed in high-quality, brand-safe spaces. At Pure.amplify, brand safety is at the core of every single campaign – selecting premium and secure ad placements across the entire digital universe.

You’re in good hands

Our industry-leading technology and partnerships are in place to ensure that your brand is always protected:

Ad fraud detection

We incorporate best-in-class ad fraud detection solutions such as DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science into every campaign

Extensive whitelists & blacklists

Our team continuously detect and remove any unsafe inventory from our growing list of partner websites

Human-led optimisation

Our team of expert media traders constantly monitor each campaign to ensure quality placement and optimal performance

Ad verification & viewability

We work directly with third-party verification & viewability providers such as DoubleVerify, MOAT and ComScore. We always surpass ad viewability of 55.2% - the industry benchmark as defined by the IAB

Premium publisher partnerships

We provide direct access to our network of premium publishers via private marketplace arrangements

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