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As an emerging brand in the personal credit space, it’s critical for Drafty to expand brand awareness across key audience cohorts – especially as trust and brand recognition are a vital part of a consumer’s decision-making process.

Drive new sales in a competitive market

The aim of this campaign was to increase consumer acquisition for Drafty, identify new audiences across strategic channels, and deliver a holistic campaign that will drive consumers down the funnel and to the point of conversion.


A full-service programmatic campaign

As a platform-agnostic agency, we were able to select the best channels and placements for Drafty’s campaign – accessing a broad range of audiences through various platforms in order to target the ideal consumer for this product. This was achieved through:

1. Creating a custom
in-depth survey

With direct access to Pureprofile’s vast global research panel, we developed an 8-question survey - delivered to 500 unique respondents to capture robust, first-party insights in order to inform the overall campaign strategy.

2. Applying insights to
reduce CPA

The research provided a clear indication of how different audience segments would engage with various messaging, products and offers. By applying these insights, we achieved a 280% reduction in cost-per-acquisition.

3. Launching an end-to-end programmatic campaign

By ad-serving the campaign and managing the consumer journey across multiple touchpoints, we built up consumer brand awareness and recognition, raising intent and bringing them down the decision-making funnel through to purchase.

The outcome:

Key results

Men are 11% more likely to want multiple financial products and are 8% more interested in using a line of credit, compared to women

Competitive interest rates are the most important product factor for men (52%) and the second most important factor for women (46%)

Gen Z audiences are MORE interested in how a loan can help support their travel plans, compared to other age groups

The team at Pure.amplify has been very diligent and efficient. They have been able to launch the campaigns on time, while keeping the quality in absolute check. Their insights and recommendations have been on-point and have helped improve the performance significantly. In the short span of time that we have worked with them, we've built a great camaraderie and feel them to be an extension of our team."

Sumit Singhal

Head of Digital Marketing, Drafty

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