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First-party data solutions for publishers

Building first-party premium audiences for the future

Google’s plan to eliminate third-party cookies by 2023 has significant implications for digital advertising. Marketers have historically relied heavily on tracking behaviours to drive segmentation - so while the industry has been scrambling to find an alternative, we’ve gone and built one.

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Purpose-built technology that connects you to real people

Pure.amplify’s consumer insights technology delivers an unprecedented opportunity for publishers to provide a new standard in the digital marketplace - by building first-party, declared data assets from authentic consumers.

Creating opportunity in a new frontier

Our integrated survey platform empowers you to build bespoke audiences based on the most authentic source of data available: first-party insights from your audience. Branded surveys are integrated throughout your network of websites so you can turn questions and answers into highly active, deeply profiled consumer segments.

Business outcomes that deliver results

The future lies in real data from real people. The Pure.amplify difference allows you to:

Boost the value of your ad inventory

Provide your clients access to unique segments, no matter how niche their targeting needs

Enhance reader engagement

Deliver highly personalised messaging and content based on what readers tell you

Create passive revenue streams

Sync insights straight to your data ecosystem, or leverage Pureprofile’s network of media buyers

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