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Let’s Talk: How inclusive marketing can help brands achieve awesome results

Originally published: Dynamic Business, 13 July 2022

Stated by: Tasneem Ali, General Manager – ANZ Media, Pure.amplify

“It’s no secret that the diverse array of platforms available today – linear television, streaming platforms and social media channels – have caused audience fragmentation. This is actually to the brand’s advantage: more platforms means more specific, inclusive contexts through which you can reach audiences.

“Here’s two things brands can do:

  1. Be open to various types of platforms (e.g. BVOD and social media) and various platforms of one type (e.g. TikTok and Instagram), as the same audience can respond differently to messages from platform to platform.
  2. Cap ad-repetition and change up ad creative to avoid ad fatigue and annoyance when ads are displayed across platforms.

“Advertising in this manner results in much higher engagement, sentiment and brand recall; making for more effective campaigns with less audience reach wastage.”

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